K9 Walkers is proud to deliver a high standard of pet care services to the Central Coast and have a positive impact on so many lives. We have been doing so for many years and our services have always been designed to meet the needs of our clients and their pets.

We achieve this because we listen to our clients and then tailor the visits to provide the best service for them.  Contact us if a service is required that is not listed and we will endeavour to help. If we are unable to do so, we can usually refer you to another business for assistance.

K9 Walkers also have gift vouchers available that can be used for any of our services, allowing someone a break from either dog walking or allowing them time away with their pet sitting needs covered.  A gift any pet owner would appreciate!

Our services include:  

Dog Walking or Playtime - For busy people and bored dogs.

Dog Walking or Playtime

Dogs that are not having their physical and mental needs met are likely to become bored and destructive. With the Central Coast having a large number of commuters, dogs can be left home alone for many hours. This can lead to dogs digging, chewing, problem barking, howling and crying, which can result in complaints from neighbours. K9 Walkers can help!

We offer a range of dog walking or playtime options for your dog’s physical and mental well being. We can walk your dog when you are at work, providing company and exercise which will break the day up for your pooch so they are not alone for many hours.

We offer 30, 40 & 60 minute individual dog walks or playtime or even a combination of both.

Walks or playtime can help burn off excess energy and a break from the yard or house allows a fun time to sniff and explore different surroundings. Clients come home to a more content and healthier dog that is less likely to be using pent up energy for unwanted behaviours.

Walks or playtime may sometimes be shortened, cancelled or rescheduled due to circumstances beyond our control, such as extreme weather conditions. The health and safety of the pets in our care are always a high priority.

We find a variety of clients benefit from our dog walking and playtime services:

  • Commuters or people working long hours.
  • Clients who get home after dark.
  • Families who have a partner away for work.
  • Shift workers who only use us the days they work.
  • Clients who like a break once or twice per week from walking their dog.
  • Time poor families.
  • Pregnant ladies.
  • Mums who have just had a baby.
  • Those suffering from an illness or injury.
  • Elderly clients or those that find their dog difficult to walk.
  • Clients that work and study.
  • When the family is away on holiday.
  • When the dog is in the care of a friend, neighbour or relative.
  • Clients with dogs in the house needing a toilet break.
  • Clients going out for the day and don’t want their dog home alone all day.
  • Clients with a new puppy.
  • Clients needing pets to be taken out or walked during open house inspections.

Backyard Poop Pickup

As part of a dog walking or playtime visit, we can also remove the dog waste from your backyard.

Please note, backyard poop pickup is already included in a pet sitting or overnight home stay visit.

  • Great for busy people.
  • If you just think it is yuck and cannot deal with it, we are used to it.
  • Perfect for those who physically cannot pick it up.
  • Those with multiple dogs can struggle to keep on top of it.
  • Keep the yard clean and hygenic for the kids to use as well.
  • For clients who get home after dark and cannot pick it up.
  • Need it done at the next visit? No problem, just call or text us.

Pet Sitting

K9 Walkers provides daily home visits to care for pets staying in the comfort of their own homes. This allows pets to stay in familiar surroundings and receive personalised one on one attention.

Pet sitting is an excellent alternative to boarding pets and in many cases is less stressful for the pet and the client. It is also the perfect option for pets that cannot be boarded or for homes with multiple animals. If a pet is not de-sexed or up to date with vaccinations they may not be suitable candidates for boarding. Having a pet stay at home can also minimise exposure to other animals and illness.

We offer 20, 30, 40 & 60 minute pet sitting visits and all visits 30 minutes or longer include a dog walk or playtime. 

When pets are at home, the client does not have to organise to drop off and collect pets during a certain time period. The client can leave and return when it suits them.

Home security is increased when a dog is at home and also with our regular visits. K9 Walkers can visit once or more each day and will deliver a service that best meets the requirements of the client and the pets in our care. We can send text message updates to the client as required.

Clients use our pet sitting services when they go away on holidays, if they are going to be late home from work or are going to be out all day.

We will also ensure it appears someone is still living at the client’s home. Under our care, the home will not display the tell tale signs of the owners being away, such as the letterbox filling up with mail and newspapers. The client does not need to come home to dead pot plants or a full, smelly wheelie bin because garbage night was missed whilst they were away.

We can follow client instructions and meet their requirements, not just what they feel comfortable asking the neighbours to do!

Worried about leaving a new puppy home alone all day and how to organise a midday meal?

K9 Walkers can visit a new puppy that needs to be fed in the middle of the day or is too young to be left unattended for long hours. We can feed, take out for a toilet break, play with and cuddle the pup. Clean up their mess and put them back in a clean puppy area with a treat or toy.

Depending on what is required, a home visit can include the following:

  • Plenty of pats and attention for pets.
  • Feeding of all pets.
  • Replenishment of clean water.
  • Dog walking or play time.
  • Washing of dirty food bowls.
  • Poop pickup/animal waste removal.
  • Maintenance of cat litter tray just how kitty likes it.
  • Give medications.
  • Apply creams or administer drops.
  • Cage cleaning.
  • Egg collection.
  • Putting on/removal of coats.
  • Basic grooming such as brushing.
  • Mail and papers collected
  • Junk mail removed from letterbox.
  • Bins put out for collection and brought back in.
  • Lights can be turned on and off.
  • Blinds/curtains can be opened and closed.
  • Plants can be watered.

Overnight Home Stays

We started offering this service as our clients were requesting it. They wanted their regular dog walker to stay in their homes with their dogs as both the clients and dogs knew and trusted their walker.

We understand that some pets require additional company or care and that is where overnight stays may be the best care option.

 Clients chose overnight home stays:

  • To maintain their pet’s normal routine.
  • For pets that require twice daily visits.
  • For pets that are fed twice daily.
  • For pets that sleep inside the house of a night.
  • For pets that are not settled of a night when alone.
  • For multiple pet households.
  • For pets requiring medications.
  • For pets that like to have company.
  • For older, ill or young pets.
  • For pets that may not be very mobile.

What is included:

  • The same services as a pet sitting visit.
  • Minimum 12 hour stay, although the carer often stays longer.
  • 30 minute walk or playtime.
  • Plenty of time for additional pats and cuddles.